Yolkshire, Aundh

    Yolkshire is a snug and stylish place in Pune where one gets to choose exotic egg dishes from an extensive menu. If we look it up on Zomato we see reviews praising the extensiveness of the Menu, friendliness of the staff and the quality and taste of the food. According to me Yolkshire represents the attitude that has helped Pune remain as culturally significant as ever while still being a home to a diverse populace. Saili Mirikar runs a Franchise for Yolkshire in Aundh, Pune. When I interacted with Saili I couldn’t help but feel that she shares this exact same attitude with Pune, the one which allows you to shade your preconceptions and embrace something new. Perhaps this is one of the reasons she has felt such connection with Yolkshire from the start. She has completed her bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Singhgad College, Pune in 2008. After completing her graduation she worked for ‘Atos’ and then went on to work for ‘IBM’. After four or so years of working in the IT industry, she thought to quit her job to start something of her own. She took an year to contemplate this decision and quit her job in 2013. While quitting she had given herself two years and secured a place for herself in IBM if she thought to go back.

   At the time her idea was to start her enterprise either in Food Sector or something Cynophilistic. She set out to explore the possibilities with this idea and little experience about how to run a business. So she worked in her father’s firm, Jahagirdar Aero Products, Ahmednagar, on a managerial post for a few months to understand the basics of how a business is run. In this period she traveled solo extensively in Europe and the US and she says that helped her gain a different perspective. The earnestness with which she talks about this part, of getting out of her bubble, of seeing a new side to the way the world operates and how it helped her with her endeavors, is enough to convince a person to take up travelling. She has even added a few dishes to the Yolkshire menu that she tried out during the travels.

Saili Mirikar at Yolkshire

Yolkshire Kothrud, the main branch has been operational since 2011. Since then Saili has been their regular customer. Thus she was friends with the owners Varad Deshpande and Vinod Shastri. So, when she felt like opening a place which is warm, contemporary and provides nutritional diet, she couldn’t help but think of Yolkshire. She asked the brand owners about starting her own outlet under their brand. They were apprehensive about their image standards being upheld so she asked them to take her on as an Intern for three months and if after that they still had their apprehensions, she promised to let it go. She worked in Yolkshire, Kothrud for three months and did everything from cleaning utensils to book keeping and today she is helping the owners start a third branch in Pune. She started her own outlet in Aundh, Pune in 2015.

After convincing the brand owners, started the more difficult part of the journey, to actually start her own outlet, she needed capital. Determined as she was to not be financially dependent on anyone for this, after going through all the loan schemes available she selected the CGT-MSE, which requires no guarantors. She says it was only when her loan was approved that her relatives started to believe that she was sincere in her endeavors and started to support her efforts. Though being a businessman himself, her father believed that a good job will lend her a good lifestyle and thus was against her decision to quit.  All through this time filled with uncertainty and struggle she says her husband stood firmly by her side which kept her motivated. When I asked her what sort of problems she has faced, she talked about rookie mistakes she has made like renting a place with excellent venue and no water supply and then the more persistent staffing problems, customer relations, inventory management and demand uncertainty. A year and a half ago Yolkshire, Aundh were going through a very hard time so much so that she thought she might have to quit it, but her father urged her to give it some time and be patient. She says that she is glad she listened. She says that these problems are inherent to any business and if one aspires to run a business then one must have the patience and fortitude to sometimes solve and sometimes weather such issues.

Yolkshire, Aundh

When you speak with Saili you can feel the love and pride she feels for Yolkshire and her satisfaction with her work. She says that the best thing is that the owners of the brand trust her, so she has more freedom than she otherwise would have had. Throughout her journey the thing I appreciated the most was her willingness to step out of her comfort zone repeatedly, her faith in her abilities and her determination to see through what she has decided no matter what it takes.

As always, I will be back in September with a new venture or a venturist, hope to see you too……..


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  1. Can’t wait to try some…
    Next time if I’m traveling near any of Yorkshire’s outlet I’ll make sure I’ll pop in. Saili Mirikar any recommendations what should I try?


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