Quark Experiences Pvt. Ltd.

              ‘Virtual Reality'(VR) naam toh suna hoga? Everyone who is working in the technological sector has at least heard of virtual reality, if not about it. For those of us new to this technology, Virtual reality simulates life-like, real world experiences for its users with help of props like head gears. Where most people see a new technology these people saw a new opportunity and leveraged it. This month I have interacted with Aditya Joshi and Quinston Pimenta. They have co-founded Quark Experiences with Suraj Saste. Quark Experiences provides engineering driven, virtual reality experience, to create tangible value for their customers. They registered their company on 26th of July 2016 as a Pvt. Ltd. company. In two years they have acquired many illustrious brands as their clients, Runwal Group, Pari Automation and Chitale Bandhu to name a few. They have a product as well as service based business, which is to provide virtual/augmented reality platform to their clients to run their business more effectively. Quark Experiences Pvt. Ltd. today is one of the fastest growing VR start ups in India.

               To say that it was a very interesting meet would be an understatement. Their journey is as interesting as their personalities. All three of them are from VIIT, Pune(Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology). Aditya is from the batch that graduated in 2015, while Quinston and Suraj are his juniors. They met while working for  the ‘Entrepreneurship cell’ for their college. At the dawn of the year 2016, Quark experiences team had failed in two start-up attempts. It was quite a trying time for them. Aditya was interning in a company from 9am to 5pm, Quinston and Suraj had their college and examinations. During this time they came across Virtual reality as a business idea. Quinston who has a computer engineering background learned how to make a virtual reality application without having any prior idea about it. When they needed to raise around fifty thousand rupees to improve their product enough to be sold, Suraj and Quinston’s resourcefulness came to their rescue. Quinston teaches people to code( he has his videos on YouTube), so what they did was started a workshop, pitched it all over Pune and had sixty thousand rupees in two days! They bought the necessary hardware and sold their first product and they were in business. While Aditya comes from a family of self employed people and has always been encouraged to be an entrepreneur, Quinston had never thought of getting into business seriously untill this point. In fact, Quinston had a joining offer from a MNC and was fully prepared to accept it. He dropped his plans to join in on this venture. This belief in themselves and the viability of VR as business is both inspiring and encouraging.

Quark Experiences’ YouTube videos

Quark Experience’ website

         When they wanted to register their company, they had no money. A Company Secretary, Gayatri Pathak, got them registered believing in their ability to pay her back in the future. The way both Aditya and Quinston mentioned this incidence to me(Aditya has mentioned it in his blog as well) shows their appreciation towards this kind gesture. Such incidences fortify our trust in the existence of good people around us and make us hopeful that we might come across them too or maybe, be one.

Aditya and Quinston seem to have very different personalities and yet they are working quite successfully as a team by turning their differences in their strengths. They have divided the responsibilities among the three of them according to their individual interests and skills. They have even discovered some heretofore undiscovered qualities in this journey, for instance, Quinston believed himself to be a very antisocial person, today, he is leading a technical team for Quarks Experiences excellently and enjoying it to boot.

Their confidence and clarity of thought have amazed me. They mentioned a very interesting thing. According to them they do not have a stubborn emotional attachment to their business. They are into business to make money and to enjoy it, not to prove their worth. A very important realization, I would say. This outlook has been very helpful for them to be rational while making decisions. I found their perseverance and audacity especially laudable.

As always, I will be back in April with a new venture or a venturist, hope to see you too……..

5 thoughts on “Quark Experiences Pvt. Ltd.

  1. This again proves that success comes after failure and they have chosen such a nice platform for exploring… Really good intiative prachi and have fun with such interactions ahead as well…


  2. Very inspiring journey. It motivates us to follow our passion. Very well written. Thanks Prachi for sharing such amazing stories and helping us in our own journeys of life.


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