Lingosmith Language Institute

Hello! This month I have interacted with Shweta Patwardhan who has independently established ‘Lingosmith Language Institute’ in Pune, where she teaches German and French. Simultaneously, she works as a contributing faculty at the University of Pune and translates German, French, English and Marathi texts. She has completed Masters in  Arts, in French along with C1 level of certification for both French and German.

In India specifically, the mindset, that Arts is not a field for the ‘high scorers’ or the so-called ‘scholars’ is predominant. The justification usually is that the employment options in these fields are neither as prestigious nor as financially rewarding. When it is time to choose a path, many fall prey to this line of thought. Those who by some miracle escape this mindset, unfortunately succumb to it very quickly. What I find the most admirable is that at fifteen, after scoring around 92% in her Secondary School certification, Shweta had the guts to resist this pressure. She did not feel like she understood Science and Maths as she should have. She did not enjoy studying these subjects. Instead of hoping that something will change in the future, she tried learning French by joining a small course during her summer vacations, where she discovered that she loved learning languages. This discovery encouraged her to pursue a career in Language. She gives credit to her family for supporting her decision. To put in her own words, “My family never opposed me, so I never felt like I was doing something strange.”

She has considerable teaching experience as she has been teaching at the Francophile Institute (Pune), since 2012. She has been to France for seven months, teaching English to students in Collège de Brumath and Collège de Vendenheim in East of France. She has worked with ‘Persistent’ (an India based software giant) as a translator for some months but did not enjoy translating full-time, so she decided to start her own Institute.

Lingosmith Language Institute’s facebook page

Just dial’s link for Lingosmith Language Institute

Currently, she is enjoying her work. She finds the opportunity to read varied texts in different languages every day to be very intriguing. She loves teaching and intends to spend a lot more time doing that in the future. She plans to expand her business by hiring other language professionals, for teaching other languages and as interpreters. She has decided to make the classes in her institute unique by introducing some interesting courses for specific purposes. With this intention, she is all set to start a ‘Introductory course’ for kids this summer.

Throughout her journey, I found her self-knowing and self-assurance commendable. Her consistent acceptance of what she wanted with complete disregard to society’s opinion about it has been exemplary. I feel these qualities have been instrumental for her journey. What do you think?

 I will be back in March with a new venture or a new venturist, hope to see you too……..

13 thoughts on “Lingosmith Language Institute

  1. This a very nice initiative. It’s really good to read about these people who managed to follow their heart. Will be waiting for your next post.


  2. True.. I too have always wondered why everyone is so inclined to science. Is it because of their own interest or we are just influenced by the massive effect. I truly believe, we should always explore and look for different opportunities such as arts or may be sports, as per individuals interest.
    This is truly an inspiring story. Thank you Prachi for sharing!!
    All the very best shweta for your future endeavours.☺


  3. In India, it is really needed to become excellent in some other direction of a career rather than engineering. This is one such example which motivates 10th std students if they don’t like mathematics and science. I think you should share this article with students of 10th std.


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