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I have come to believe that there are two types of people in this world, people who dream about doing things and people who do the things they dream about. And I have observed that  the people in the former category obtain energy through some undetermined sources and shift into the second category, but all the people in the first category are not able to make this shift.

What is it that makes these few people different from the ones who remain in the first category? Is it an intrinsic quality of these people or are there some environmental factors that affect this ?

In my quest to find answers to this I am planning to interact with people who have ventured in the unknown in pursuit of their dreams. This month I have interacted with Sujay Waghmare and Nachiket Pendse from 3 Monkeys Studios.

The first time I saw or heard about 3 Monkeys Studios was through a PNG Advertisement Film on Facebook. As these were my seniors treading through so far unknown waters(at least to me), naturally I was intrigued. Even during their Final year in BE, Aniket was sure he was going into entertainment sector, while I knew nothing about Sujay and Nachiket’s plans, this did not come as a surprise. Even then, when we were working together for Purushottam Karandak 2012, they were very dedicated and enthusiastic, not to mention they had been working with ‘MIT Cultural'(engaged in creation and production of Dramas) for a long time.

Aniket joined a few editing courses after his bachelors and Sujay and Nachiket started working, but in between this, they had some free months in which they made some videos for their enjoyment. Here itself it gets interesting, out of all the ways they could have spent their time, they spent it in creating videos. They had participated in Mood Indigo’s short film competition too, during their final year and secured third position there in their pilot attempt. After a conversation with one of their friends who was in this video making business, they realized that it paid well too. And thus this idea started forming in their minds.

Then both Nachiket and Sujay started working, while Aniket got busy with his courses and Nataks, during this time they got a small project to shoot videos about finalist teams for ‘IT Karandak’. For this, Aniket used to go everywhere with the camera and Nachiket and Sujay used to alternately take leave from their respective jobs and accompany him. People liked their videos a lot, as they were unique. Nachiket gives the credit for this success to his Drama Background. According to Sujay their ‘MIT Cultural’ experience has taught them a lot about creation and production of dramas and also about working together.S+N+A2

When Nachiket thought of quitting his job, Sujay had moved to Delhi for his work but he was of the opinion that they should start working towards their goal regardless of this, Aniket was ready and they got down to business. Sometimes, I wonder, if this dedication, this understanding is what it takes to form a good working atmosphere?

Then they got other projects for PNG, CDAC and many wedding stories. To shoot wedding stories was not a part of their plan at all, but when the opportunity arose they took up the challenge and today wedding stories is one of their core competencies. I have seen some of their wedding stories and have found them superbly done. They are the right mix of funny and sentimental, happy and wistful,  exciting and nostalgic. After seeing their videos one cannot help but get attached to the bride and groom and their story.

3 Monkeys Studios’ Facebook page

Video’s shared by 3 Monkeys Studios

The turning point for them, especially in wedding stories, came with Alok Rajwade and Parna Pethe’s wedding. This story has got about Two Lakh likes on YouTube. They have even done a documentary for ‘Wanwasi Kalyan Ashram’ as a way to help them get funding. Their documentary has immensely helped this cause.

When I asked them about their motivation, they weren’t hesitant but were united in answering it as the drive to do better in terms of their art. Is this drive towards self excellence the key? It is not unwavering self assurance because it is not like they never doubt themselves or their decision, but being a team of three helps here as when one is shrouded in doubt the others can always see the light. They are still working on many aspects of their business but they have a sound strategy to increase their core competencies and expand their market segment.

The way they speak of their work itself shows how much they love it. But even they do not like every aspect of their work, but just like all of us they have accepted it as a part and parcel of life. They find their work fulfilling and adventurous is obvious and yet they have allowed their ideas of how their business should be run to change with time and experience.

In all this what I have observed is people who did not want to go into creating video films because of something but who wanted to make videos simply because they enjoyed it and not something else that it did for them. I think the way they work as a team is also very important factor here, their self motivation is doubtless enviable. What do you think?

I will be back in February with a new venture or venturist, hope to see you too…..

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